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Anonymous asked:
Hello. I would just ike to say that I love your writing so much and you are absolutely amazing!

Thank you! ^////^

Anonymous asked:
4 and 9 - Sophie/Dee

4. Irresistible

9. Grinding

send a number (or 2) and a pairing and i’ll try and write a drabble or ficlet

i am sorry anon if you wanted this legit
bc im totally about to abuse some loopholes

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Horns down for what

Anonymous asked:
20. Dee/Machiavelli/Nick

20. Breaking the rules

send a number (or 2) and a pairing and i’ll try and write a drabble or ficlet

what a threesome
*mischievous smile*

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i hate all of you

'i'll just do this one dee/excalibur drabble and be done with the ship'

and now im just sitting here trying not to start shipping a g ODDAMN SWORD AND AN ASSHOLE MAGICIAN



How do you ship so many people?



Anonymous asked:
14. + 17. Dee/Excalibur

14. First kiss

17. Last dance

send a number (or 2) and a pairing and i’ll try and write a drabble or ficlet

where is this going to go? idk future me (aka the tags) will know better

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nekkuu asked:
"per the instructions of the eHow article" - oh my god you are the best. Dee doing uncomfortable things is my new weakness. I am forever thankful for these things you've written, I don't know how to thank you enough ♥ oh and Morrigan calling Dee "pet" makes me giggle - thank you for that as well! Now I'm left wondering what on earth happened to her wing..

I’m glad you enjoy my little drabbles~ ^^

Also the reason I had in mind at the time included a bit of dominance posturing gone wrong. 

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step 1: think about the quote “don’t go where i can’t follow” in relation to your otp

step 2: feel sad