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pairings where they “hate” each other but would be devastated if anything happened to one another aRE MY FUCKING WEAKNESS 

sometimes i like to think about cupid existing in the sinf universe

and mac meeting cupid and just punching him/her/them in the face
bc ‘gdi i locked eyes with my fucking barista today and i could have sworn there was spark; i cant live like this’

and cupid’s just ‘woah buddy, sure i use you for target practive, but i use a lot of people for target practice and they dont punch me’

gdi im starting to think about ships after 12 again

no abort mission

ok im tired of the bullshit


wheres the queen mosquito?? if i beat her ass all the other ones die right?? how many health bars does she have?

i had kinda an odd probably coincidental thought

but you know how josh’s aura is gold and sophie’s is silver and how for awhile we assumed the prophecy kinda made them the face of good bc this is a series and there’s a set formula and generally your protagonist saves the day

and you know how dee’s aura is yellow and mac’s is a light gray and for awhile they kinda represented the face of evil

and you know how when you were little and colored stuff and when it had to be gold you colored it yellow and when it had to be silver you colored it gray

and you know how both josh and dee are kinda rash and the youngest of their pair
and sophie and mac are more collected and the oldest of their pair

so what im saying is what if dee and mac are like… knockoff twins of prophecy?

i mean they both had decisions that could’ve lead to a destroyed of saved world, much smaller than sophie or josh’s burden but important

machiavelli could’ve ignored billy and gone through with the plan to release the monsters on alcatraz thus “destroying” the “world” of san francisco

and dee could’ve have not siphoned his aura into virginia which could have led to the loss of lives, which are little worlds in their own right

prolly a coincidence but it’s really cool to think about

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Imagine your icon licking a Popsicle in a seductive way, then dropping it on the ground and crying. 

Anonymous asked:
How many more drabbles dodo you have until you publish?

6 but I’m publishing Sunday whether I’m done early or not.

I’m heading home Sunday so I’m planning on setting up a queue so I have stuff posting while I’m unavailable.

oh god i had an awful thought

so like ive been writing drabbles with little hint of dee going ‘maybe i care about mac… just a little’

but what if it was just a ‘i am friends with you and also we fuck on occasion’

and while that shift is happening mac is falling hard and fast bc after seeing that article i cannot think of mac doing anything else other than blindly falling head of heels

then dee meets virginia and they get together so mac just stuck like ‘i have never made my feelings known so i cannot be upset and i wish them the best but god fucking dammit’

and there is no conclusion bc it is 3 am and i just thought about secretly pining!mac and dee going ‘this only friends with benefits thing is fantastic! also wow look at virginia’